April 29, 2005

bush says something wise:

"I think people are opposing my nominees because they don't like the judicial philosophy of the people I've nominated," he said. "I don't ascribe a person's opposing my nominations to an issue of faith."

senate majority leader frist made a bad call speaking for a nationwide church telecast this weekend titled "justice sunday: stopping the filibuster against people of faith." the telecast was sponsored by the family research council.

and of course, when they say "people of faith," they mean christians. and sometimes jews. sometimes.

the FRC needs to stop wasting its time with all this congressional name-calling. they should have used their telecast to talk about a real issue of justice: genocide.

April 17, 2005

it is a national embarrassment that MTV is more outspoken about genocide than our president.

April 11, 2005

q: what do you call someone who doesn't want more soldiers?
a: weak on national security.