September 28, 2005

" making his second nomination, Mr. Bush faces an additional complication: diversity. The president has never made a secret of his desire to put the first Hispanic on the high court, while another male nominee would leave only one woman among the nine justices."
-Washington Post editorial, September 26, 2005

gosh, you know, it's too bad there are no qualified judges in america who are female and latina. that would make it so much easier for poor mr. bush.
diversity is such a complication!

September 7, 2005

california's legislature was the first in the nation to pass a same-sex marriage bill.

facing pressure from both sides, assemblyman umberg (d-anaheim) said he ultimately decided to support the measure because of his children...

"This is one of those times when history looks upon us to be in the lead," Mr. Umberg said. "The constituency I'm concerned about is a very small one, that is the constituency of my three children should they decide to look back on my record."

September 5, 2005

sanctity of life is important in america, but maybe new orleans was just too french for this administration.

good thing we disproportionately recruited all those national guardsmen from poor areas in the south.

oh wait, they're all in iraq.