December 18, 2006

knock knock.
who's there?
a robot.
oh, shit.

December 13, 2006

oh my god, this totally explains why guys never take me home after sushi dinner.

damn edamame.
the "left behind" video game is finally here. thank goodness.

not only does playing on Christ's team involve killing people (um, what about matthew 19:16-19?), but the game also teaches religious tolerance:

Players can choose to join the Antichrist's team, but of course they can never win...the enemy team includes fictional rock stars and folks with Muslim-sounding names, while the righteous include gospel singers, missionaries, healers and medics.

When asked about the Arab and Muslim-sounding names, [Left Behind Games' president] Frichner said the game does not endorse prejudice. But "Muslims are not believers in Jesus Christ" -- and thus can't be on Christ's side in the game.

"That is so obvious," he said.