April 24, 2009


i started an additional blog yesterday. it's silly, but i'm convinced i have enough content to fill it.

ever since i was little, the number 23 appears over and over in my life. i decided to blog about it on my new blog, twentythreesome.

April 20, 2009

NPR names

now i can finally fulfill my aspirations of being an NPR reporter. thanks to liana maeby, i know my NPR name: Aneneke Drauniivi

add a rogue "e" somewhere in the middle of your first name. your last name is the smallest foreign city you've been to. here's some real-life inspiration...

top 12 NPR names (according to me):
12. adolfo guzman-lopez
11. mandalit del barco
10. john ydstie
9. lourdes garcia-navarro
8. hettie lynne hurtes
7. sylvia poggioli
6. kai ryssdal
5. renita jablonski
4. soraya sarhaddi nelson
3. ofeibea quist-arcton
2. lakshmi singh
1. doualy xaykaothao

doualy's spelling was the most ellusive. after what seemed like hours of fruitless googling, i finally just had to wait until i heard a report by her to find out she's NPR's reporter in seoul.

April 8, 2009


the new commercial from the national organization for marriage makes me physically ill. everyone involved will feel deeply, deeply ashamed some day.

it's so bad that i have a hard time believing that anyone really feels that way. could it be a ploy to get reasonable people outraged enough to pull out the checkbooks in favor of same-sex marriage? i almost hope so.