April 20, 2009

NPR names

now i can finally fulfill my aspirations of being an NPR reporter. thanks to liana maeby, i know my NPR name: Aneneke Drauniivi

add a rogue "e" somewhere in the middle of your first name. your last name is the smallest foreign city you've been to. here's some real-life inspiration...

top 12 NPR names (according to me):
12. adolfo guzman-lopez
11. mandalit del barco
10. john ydstie
9. lourdes garcia-navarro
8. hettie lynne hurtes
7. sylvia poggioli
6. kai ryssdal
5. renita jablonski
4. soraya sarhaddi nelson
3. ofeibea quist-arcton
2. lakshmi singh
1. doualy xaykaothao

doualy's spelling was the most ellusive. after what seemed like hours of fruitless googling, i finally just had to wait until i heard a report by her to find out she's NPR's reporter in seoul.


Dustin said...

Shirley Jihad!
Surely, Jihad.
its the best one.

anneke said...

i think you mean shirley jahad.

Dustin said...

it really doesnt matter how its spelled.
Shirley Jahad! sounds like
Surely, Jihad.