May 26, 2009


i was very disappointed today to hear that the california supreme court, which just 12 months ago voted to legalize same-sex marriage on constitutional grounds, upheld the constitutionality of proposition 8.

i thought i'd share a guest blog from my mom, who (*gasp*) married someone of another race almost 30 years ago. she wrote this in response to a facebook post in which someone shared their relief that the "vote of the people is respected":

It's good when the vote of the people is respected, but also good when the constitution is respected. I didn't think we could vote to revoke civil rights. I know the question is whether or not marriage is a civil right. I come down firmly on the side of those who believe it is, and that it has been proven by constitutional law precedent....but I also respect those who don't share my views. In my lifetime it was illegal to marry someone of another race. And people thought that had a biblical and inherently moral basis.

go mom.

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