May 15, 2009

what not to say at work

"what not to say at work"
a short play

scene: in the sleepy, mountain town of bend, oregon, two coworkers walk casually down the sidewalk after lunch. mark is a kind, conservative manager, always careful not to offend. anneke is his young, female colleague.

mark: did you guys ever do myers-briggs tests at your last job?
anneke: no, but i've done them before. why, what are you?
mark: hmmm...i'm pretty sure i'm an ENTP. what about you?
anneke: i'm an ESTJ.
mark: yeah, i can see that. you're definitely a J.
anneke: oh for sure. i "J" all over the place.
mark: good thing you're a J. you can really balance out my P-ness.

anneke stops walking.
mark realizes what he's just said out loud.
hysterical giggling ensues for the balance of the afternoon.

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