October 19, 2009

where the hipsters are

i don't understand some critics' indignation that where the wild things are isn't for kids. it's as if the film was marketed to children and folks are outraged that they were duped. from my perspective (and NPR's), all the marketing and promotion indicates that the studio was after a different, but still attractive, demographic: hipsters. 

arcade fire trailer + urban outfitters partnership + mcsweeney's-published book = obviously a different demographic than some critics seem to think the film was targeted to. 

full disclosure: though not a hipster, per se, i am a trilby-and-skinny-jeans-wearing twentysomething, so i realize i'm probably just being defensive. but i really don't think it's fair to be grumpy about a film just because you got confused about whom it was for.

[exit soap box]

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