October 20, 2009

seeking forgiveness

seeking forgiveness is a crowd-sourced blog that gives mormons an opportunity to publicly repent for their church's involvement in proposition 8 (california's anti-same-sex marriage amendment). it doesn't appear to have gotten a lot of traction (shocking!), but here's one example that gave me chills:

@annekejong twitter post

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Jennifer said...

K, here's mine: "I'm mormon and I regret that my church got involved in prop 8 in any way." I did say something publicly (well, as public as facebook and blogs are). As did many other members who are still in good standing with the church. We are "allowed to dissent".
My faith isn't shaken by the fact that the people in my church seem to be 50 years behind the times. I can see that some well-intentioned (and, admittedly, some ill-intentioned) members have a hard time differentiating between morals and politics.
My faith is personal enough to me that while the misbehavior of other members may shame me, it will never make me ashamed to believe what I do. Does that make any sense?