November 6, 2009

TED India - day 2, session 6: green and blue

indian tribal drumming and dancing group sidi goma kicked off the session.

while introducing jib ellison and referring to his sustainability work with walmart, chris anderson (curator of TED) said "if you want to change the world, find something really big and nudge it."

ellison, a sustainability consultant for multinational corporations, held out a small box (photo below) and proclaimed, "the future of business is located in this box."  it was a keepsake box he'd purchased in a market while traveling the world with his wife and daughter.  the artisan had fashioned the box out of a plastic pepsi bottle.  ellison praised the creation for its inexpensive inputs and adherence to the credo to "add value.  harm no one.  help many."  he finished by talking about our new society saying, "young people will demand information."  sounds familiar, eh?

biologist charles anderson talked about tracking the trans-oceanic flight paths of dragonflies from india over the maldives and down to southeast africa (VIDEO).

horst rechelbacher, founder of aveda and "one of the world's most influential environmentalists," didn't appear to have a clear theme for his talk, but he did have some funny quips.  he talked about buying an antique buddah -- "i'm an antique collector...because i believe in recycling" -- that was flipping the bird (photo below).  he subsequently found out it was a rare and ancient piece reflecting the buddah's desire to be "one."  he also talked about all-natural lipsticks saying, "kissing can become more nutricious."

reddit founder alexis ohanian gave a really delightful 4-minute talk (VIDEO) about reddit and web 2.0's role in the naming of greenpeace's activist whale mascot:  mr. splashy pants.

unfortunately, i missed the last 30 minutes of the session.  producer jake eberts showed a trailer for his forthcoming film "oceans" (i subsequently got a private screening of the trailer because jake and his wife fiona were on my post-conference tour in kerala.  let me say, i'm really looking forward to the film's release on april 22, 2010).  anupam mishra finished the session with a talk about water management that i heard was very good (VIDEO).

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