November 29, 2009

how to cry on an airplane

it's difficult to cry on an airplane. but, wedged in a middle seat, surrounded by sudoku puzzlers and skymall shoppers, i did just that today, weeping silently, wiping away tears with my sleeve. at first, it sat in my throat, and i thought i could keep it there -- play it cool. but pretty soon it welled up into my eyes, and i couldn't stop it.

the culprit? a podcast.

second only to this american life, WNYC's radio lab is one of the greatest radio shows on the air waves. honestly one of the best-edited, most interesting productions out there. podcast available on itunes. get on it.

the episode was short #13. "gone" is a reading from poet and writer mark doty reflecting on the loss of his partner, wally. stunningly beautiful.

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