November 5, 2009

TED India - day 0: TED university & welcome reception

TED university, the short pre-conference talks by attendees, started yesterday.  highlights included the DNA of a social entrepreneur, temporary buildings made entirely of industrial warehouse shelving, the empathy of phantom limbs, clean aquanomics, and using technology in the classroom.  my buddy derek sivers gave a very short, but very sweet talk about negative space in japanese maps (VIDEO).

one of my favorite presentations of the day was by ravin agrawal (VIDEO).  his "indian art 101" talk at TED university was a really well-presented introduction to the beauty india has to offer.  many have asked for a publication of the list of artists he shared, so here it is:

bharti kher
a. balasubramaniam (day 3 TED main stage speaker)
chitra ganesh
jitish kallat
n.s. harsha
dhruvi acharya
raqib shaw
raqs media collective
subodh gupta
ranjani shettar

it was the first day we really met our fellow tedsters.

i was lucky enough to be invited to the speaker reception before dinner last night.  it was at the "floating restaurant" on campus -- a beautiful gazebo surrounded by a moat of koi fish.  i met several interesting people, but the most unique moment of the night came during a conversation with reknowned yogi and mystic sadhguru jaggi vasudev.  i asked him how he was enjoying his TED experience, and he pondered the question for a while, stroking his long, white yogi beard.  "my lemonade was delicious," he finally answered.

welcome dinner was off the infosys campus (so they could serve alcohol) at the luxurious royal orchid hotel.

surrounded by flower and fountain gardens, the hotel is right next to a large dam, the pressure from which (i'm told) fuels the fountains.

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