December 28, 2009

one-sentence movie reviews

of films i saw in 2009:

avatar: ferngully with better special effects and without all the snazzy dance sequences
away we go: maggie gyllenhaal shines in dave eggers' best film of the year
coraline: best 3D movie of the year (yeah, i went there)
the cove: part eco-documentary, part spy drama -- the ocean's-11-style commando team really takes your breath away when the oceans turn red with blood
district 9: biggest surprise of the year -- not at all what i expected
fantastic mr. fox: wes anderson is brillant -- best film of the year
(500) days of summer: made downtown LA seem romantic
food, inc.: eye-opening if you haven't read omnivore's dilemma, preaching to the choir if you have
the hangover: FUNNIEST MOVIE OF THE DECADE...if i were a 19-year-old guy
harry potter: too scary
he's just not that into you: i will never be wowed by an easy romantic comedy, but i will be entertained for 2 hours
i love you, man: notable for the introduction of "totes magotes" into the vernacular, also for leaving the movie-going public under the impression that silver lake and venice are 10 minutes apart
inglourious basterds: tarantino at his finest -- i left this gory nazi film feeling strangely uplifted and energized
julie and julia: see review for "he's just not that into you"
monsters vs. aliens: snoozefest '09
new moon: the pea coat and ray bans didn't make up for how pale he was
paranormal activity: not sure how i got talked into seeing this, but i closed my eyes and plugged my ears for the last 5 minutes, and that was the best decision i made all year
up: i cried...twice
up in the air: accurate, if hard to swallow, portrayal of generation Y in the workplace; loved it, despite being a starwood girl
where the wild things are: it wasn't for kids; it was for hipsters

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