December 13, 2009

the united states is #1 in something

interesting (though heinous) infographic from regarding charitable giving in the united states. my caveat to their #2 tip for picking a winner (near the bottom) is that some non-profits are making charitable events efficient sources of fundraising. yes, attending events hasn't traditionally been the best way to give, but it doesn't have to be that way!



Craig said...

This is a really interesting chart, thanks for sharing. After reading folks like Bill Easterly, I worry that we emphasize the quantity of $/aid over the quality of aid. It's a tough line to walk because we want people to give money and feel good about it, but we need more accountability for how that money is spent and what the efficacy of a dollar donated is. Things like the (R)ed campaign can be extremely misleading on how much is actually given/what that money goes towards.

Jennifer said...

Wow, that is fascinating! I may just pass that along. And so refreshing that the US is leading the way at something.