February 12, 2009


"today, i cut myself on a bandaid box while trying to get a bandaid out for another cut. FML."

February 11, 2009

8 by 8

an in-n-out 8 x 8 is a goal. 100 x 100 is more like a fantasy.

coda: according to wikipedia, zappos CEO tony hsieh is credited with first ordering this bad boy.
double coda:  tony just sent me the proof.

February 10, 2009

don't divorce us

i love regina spektor. and gay marriage. and crying, as it turns out.

don't divorce us video.

February 9, 2009

text creeper is back

and the text creeper is back. this time, late on a saturday night...

Wait so where do you live if you don't live the bay?

Are you kidding?

No i'm serious

Really where do you live?

Seriously, what do you hope to accomplish with this conversation?

Haha Idk i'm high and i wanna talk to someone. So where do you live?

Dude, you need to find a new text friend. This is bizarre.

Hah no stop lets talk. So where do you live?

February 3, 2009

make lemonade

some berkeley creeper gets a fake number from a one-night stand...but tries his luck again

i received a weird text message last night. see below for the exchange that ensued. i originally thought this guy was my friend adam hoyt. i was wrong. look out, brittany...you're next...

Do you have either "who killed puck?" Or "the live on the sun" albums by cloud cult?

Who is this?

Its adam Haha

Oh, hello dear. New phone? I do not have those. Check with Cul or Luke or Dustin.

Huh? No new phone Haha. And Idk who those people are

Is this Adam Hoyt?

No adam platts. You came over today?

Dude, I think your girl must have given you the wrong number. I don't know Adam Platts, and I was at work today. Sorry, man! Good luck.

Wait who is this?

Not whoever you think it is. You have the wrong number.

Haha alright. Idk how the hell i got this number.


Haha. So do you go to cal?


Oh Shit what the hell. Is your name Brittany?

No. I don't even live in the Bay Area. You have the wrong number!

HahaHaha alright alright chill. I got the numbers mixed around my bad