May 26, 2009


i was very disappointed today to hear that the california supreme court, which just 12 months ago voted to legalize same-sex marriage on constitutional grounds, upheld the constitutionality of proposition 8.

i thought i'd share a guest blog from my mom, who (*gasp*) married someone of another race almost 30 years ago. she wrote this in response to a facebook post in which someone shared their relief that the "vote of the people is respected":

It's good when the vote of the people is respected, but also good when the constitution is respected. I didn't think we could vote to revoke civil rights. I know the question is whether or not marriage is a civil right. I come down firmly on the side of those who believe it is, and that it has been proven by constitutional law precedent....but I also respect those who don't share my views. In my lifetime it was illegal to marry someone of another race. And people thought that had a biblical and inherently moral basis.

go mom.

May 15, 2009

what not to say at work

"what not to say at work"
a short play

scene: in the sleepy, mountain town of bend, oregon, two coworkers walk casually down the sidewalk after lunch. mark is a kind, conservative manager, always careful not to offend. anneke is his young, female colleague.

mark: did you guys ever do myers-briggs tests at your last job?
anneke: no, but i've done them before. why, what are you?
mark: hmmm...i'm pretty sure i'm an ENTP. what about you?
anneke: i'm an ESTJ.
mark: yeah, i can see that. you're definitely a J.
anneke: oh for sure. i "J" all over the place.
mark: good thing you're a J. you can really balance out my P-ness.

anneke stops walking.
mark realizes what he's just said out loud.
hysterical giggling ensues for the balance of the afternoon.

May 13, 2009

my life is average

for those of us whose lives aren't effed...

I was wondering what I was going to do for lunch today, then I remembered I have left over chili at home. MLIA.

Today is bagel day at work. I had one with poppy seeds.

I had two things for lunch today that required a spoon. After the first one, I accidentally threw the spoon away, and then had to go get another one.

there seems to be a strong food theme.

May 8, 2009

increase your margins!

everyone can appreciate a little font humor.

160-character mistakes

"you guys were way drunker than both of me."

remember that text you shouldn't have sent last night? they do.

meat and greet

gives new meaning to the term meat and greet.

anneke: "wow, you smell amazing."
jake: "duh. it's because i keep bacon in my pockets."