July 23, 2009

most trusted newscaster

jon stewart is now america's most trusted newscaster.

somewhat related: i heard judd apatow on fresh air last night, and he was talking about how we can use humor to change political tides in america. for example, he cited jon stewart's near constant jokes at the expense of the homophobic -- a theme which slowly but surely is making society more tolerant. neat.

July 21, 2009

guinea pigs look like wizards

reading the description of this ebay gem is a guaranteed way to improve your day.

"Sparkly guinea pig wizard earrings feature a print of a lovely Cream Guinea Pig wizard, who is wearing his colourful cloak and wizard's hat...

...I have accentuated the stars, and given his eye a sparkle with holographic glitter, which changes colour with movement."


July 20, 2009

taco bell tortellini

fancy fast food is helping to make that late night taco bell run look even more appetizing:

July 14, 2009

how to be a yuppie

every time i read stuff white people like, i feel like it's a users guide for me and all my over-educated yuppie, hipster-wannabe peers.

i always buy 112 at the 5 on sundays. i went to a 29 on saturday with some girls that do 105 at the 12 i run. i work for a 76 company and eat a 63 almost every day for lunch. i just sent an email to my friend (who lives in 91) to encourage him to start a blog about 99 errors. and i'll admit, i play a lot of 41 on my 40, but only when i'm not listening to 44.

July 1, 2009

IT sausage

anneke: IT systems are just ridiculous. it makes me depressed about corporate america. i just hate seeing how the sausage is made.
jon: oh yeah, and IT sausage is the worst kind of sausage. i think there are mangled body parts in there.