January 6, 2010

bank statement = diary

ever since high school, i've been pretty anal about monitoring my expenses in an excel spreadsheet. i'm not sure that i still need to do this manually given all the great tools available these days (mint.com is awesome), but i guess it's a habit i can't break.

since i have all the data (and a consultant's natural inclination to run pivot tables), i thought i'd do some analysis on my spending habits in 2009.

top 20 places i spent money in 2009 - by frequency
  1. mozzarella
  2. ralph's
  3. cvs
  4. pinkberry
  5. huckleberry café
  6. union 76
  7. amazon
  8. whole foods
  9. vons
  10. long's drugs
  11. target
  12. netflix
  13. forever 21
  14. trader joe's
  15. kreation kafe
  16. queen bee
  17. itunes
  18. exxonmobil
  19. southwest airlines
  20. pitfire pizza

top 20 places i spent money in 2009 - by amount spent

  1. TED
  2. american airlines
  3. alaska airlines
  4. southwest airlines
  5. ralph's
  6. claremont mckenna college
  7. forever 21
  8. target
  9. ticketmaster
  10. cvs
  11. mozzarella
  12. united airlines
  13. union 76
  14. huckleberry café
  15. delta airlines
  16. queen bee
  17. time warner cable
  18. best buy
  19. long's drugs
  20. victoria's secret

so what does this say about me? we all know that groceries and gas are necessities and flying is expensive, but i think there are a few takeaways that are unique to who i am:

  • i finally felt like TED was in the budget this year because TEDIndia was much more affordable than any other TED. that said, it was still pretty freakin' expensive. worth it? totally.
  • i am very loyal to american airlines and their codeshare airlines (holdover from my days as a weekly traveler)
  • my priorities: i buy expensive food and cheap clothing
  • music is important to me -- recorded and live
  • coconut and passion fruit swirl...mmm...
  • on any given work day, it's pretty much guaranteed that you'll find me at mozzarella for lunch
  • weekends aren't complete without a green eggs and ham from huckleberry cafe


    Erin said...

    I'm surprised Target is so far down the list.

    Tiffany said...

    That's awesome that CMC is so high on your list. I don't have a spreadsheet to track my expenses but I'm all about the Quicken :)