March 23, 2010

birthday card from pau pau

got a birthday card from my adorable paternal grandmother today, and it's too cute not to share.  we call her "pau pau" even though that's mandarin for maternal grandmother.  although, maybe it's not as ironic as it seems, since my mom and my pau pau have loved each other for over 50 years.

A note from Ms. P.P. [removed] Jong
Dear Anneke,

Thinking of you every day. On your birthday -- sending fun wishes for happy birthday today + many  happy years to come!

My fingers so numb can't hold pen

Pau-P [removed]

she suffers from arthritis, so it's especially touching that she took the time to write this note.  i can't imagine how long it took her.  it's hard to see your loved ones age, but she's so inspiring and full of grace, it overwhelms me with happiness each time i think of her.

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Jennifer said...

It makes me happy she's still around, I have wonderful memories of her from my youth.