May 1, 2010

pepsi refresh: how to give your vote a multiplier effect

you have a limited number of votes to use for the pepsi refresh project. you want to make sure your votes have the maximum impact, right?  well, here's an awesome statistic: in 2010, for every $1 philanthro productions spends to host a charity event, $14 go directly to the partner charity.  by voting for philanthro productions to win $25,000 for the pepsi refresh project, you ensure that the $25,000 award will go a lot further than that.

philanthro productions is a non-profit event production company run by an all-volunteer team of young professionals.  our mission is to make philanthropy more fun and approachable for our peers in generation Y.  we value transparency and efficiency, and we have an impressive track record of giving back to our communities.


VIDEO: Vote for Philanthro Productions - thank you for your support!

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