March 4, 2010

pressure-cooked homoeroticism

in light of the latest gay anti-gay conservative scandal, and in the wake of so many others, i'm reminded of mark morford's brilliant and hilarious 2007 repudiation of this duplicitous hypocrisy. money quotes:

"...the American right is simply teeming with so much murky, pressure-cooked homoeroticism it might as well be a Young Republicans kegger at Mark Foley's pink Miami Beach condo."

"...megachurches with their deep, eternal, fetishistic fascination with all things anal and perverted and hookeriffic and yummy."

"You can only lie to yourself, your wife, your children, the nation, your own miserable and intolerant genitalia before the backlash, the recoil, the nasty acid reflux comes right back up to bite your ass in the cold, cold bathroom stall of life."


Jennifer said...

Oh my. Not only was he caught being a big fat hypocrite, he was also DUI?It'd be comical if it weren't so sad.

Jonathan R. said...

There's always going to be hypocrites in this world and they are sad people. But that doesnt mean the GOP is totally gay, hehe, it's just a few anecdotal examples. Many of those who oppose gays like evangelical Christians are also addicted to heterosexual pornography - does that mean pornography is a good thing? No, it just means we live in a fallen world where people say one thing and do another. We are all guilty of this at some point in our lives. We need to ask God to help us practice what we preach and love others unconditionally, as God first loved us. The Bible may condemn certain practices, and we should realize God has done that for our benefit not our detriment, but we can still love those who trapped in their sin or hypocracy as we all are.