April 16, 2010

betting on baby

not that i'm judging them in their time of great excitement and relief, but most people send out pretty boring "the baby has been born" emails.  you know the usual, she's-X-lbs-Y-oz-and-mom-is-doing-fine schtick.  in contrast, my co-worker and his wife just had a baby last night, and he sent out one of the better "announcing baby so-in-so" emails i've seen.  i work in a fun office of minor gamblers, so we had some bets going about when the baby would be born.  never one to pass up on the fun, mom was in on it, too.  although she arguably had a conflict of interest, she managed to win the office pool.
Everett has found his way to the outside world and is adjusting well to his new responsibilities (mainly crying and pooping).  Mother and baby are happy and healthy.  He popped out at 5:52 pm (eight minutes to spare for Mom to win the office pool - he's a gamer) weighting 7 lbs 3 oz.

So far he's learned:
1. To breathe
2. That most, but not all, of his hand fits in his mouth
3. That his mother doesn't take any back talk and that his pops is a push over
4. To grab my pinky (which is awesome)

Thanks for all the support today and for all the cash (suckers - never go up against a Sicilian when death in on the line)…

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