May 18, 2010

what is summit series?

i am a lucky girl.  last week, i went to washington dc for a 3-day fun-fest known as summit series.  one attendee described it as "entourage meets TED meets the amazing race."  it's a delicious recipe:  start with summer camp, subtract bug bites, add venture capital money, a former president, bottles of grey goose, mountains of pizza, a paintball gun, poker chips, the most brilliant minds in social enterprise, ray bans, and a bunch of TOMS shoes.  entrepreneur magazine described it like this:

Summit Series is an organization dedicated to connecting and inspiring young entrepreneurs to take action in their business and philanthropic endeavors.  The company hosts two annual conferences, bringing together some of the world's top entrepreneurial and philanthropic minds -- from company founders to artists and industrial engineers -- to learn from one another, share experiences and raise awareness for various philanthropic and social initiatives.  The entry criteria for this who's-who organization is simple:  1) Is the person doing something amazing?, and 2) If the person didn't have money or fame, would the folks at Summit Series want to be his or her friend?

since i was lucky enough to get to attend, i promised my team at philanthro productions that i'd blog recaps of this amazing experience this week.  wanna know what goes on behind the scenes at the world's most fun conference for young entrepreneurs?  read on, friends.

recap of summit series 2010: day 1
recap of summit series 2010: day 2
recap of summit series 2010: day 3


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