June 7, 2010

game recognize game

as i've said in a previous post, my friend erin and i both read "the game" by neil strauss and developed a bit of a fascination with the society of so-called pick-up artists.  erin has had several satisfying opportunities to call guys out when they use tactics from the book, and i'd like to share her most recent one:

the scene:  bookstore.  random guy approaches.
guy:   hey, so i'm taking a flight soon [creating false time constraint], and i need a book to read on the plane.  what's the best book you've read recently? [opener to get the target talking]
erin:  i have a book rec you might enjoy.  it's called the game.  although somehow, i bet you've read it.
guy:  [displays look of shock, buries face in his hands]

nice neg, erin.

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