August 3, 2010


angkor wat temple at sunrise:

the temple was nearly empty save this orange flash of a monk i caught darting through the hallways:

at the bayon temple, the faces carved on 54 towers (for cambodia's 54 provinces) are said to bear striking resemblance to the king who commissioned them:

frog friend:

the ta prohm temple, where tomb raider was filmed, featured aggressive trees and faces in walls:

when temples were raided, it was common for statuary (particularly buddahs) to be left headless.  here's an example from ta prohm...

...and from preah khan...

pre rup temple at sunset:

preah ko temple at noon:

outside the little-visited wat tang tok:

although we visited in the rainy season, we rarely saw any precipitation.  the one time it did rain, however, was the most overwhelming downpour i'd ever experienced.  locals, of course, went about their days:

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Meanwhile, back at the ranch said...

you have captured it well as Hong Kong.