August 16, 2010

why you should go to burning man

my adorable-and-much-more-charming little sister zoe is building a sick, interactive art installation at burning man 2010.  it's called mountain view.

The Mountain View is a brick wall that is 30 feet long, 8 inches wide and 7 and a half feet high. It is an homage to urban graffiti art in any city center. The wall itself represents all the walls and barriers put up in cities to keep people out or designate what is mine and not yours. Mountain View has graffiti of murals and messages on it to give the portentous structure back to the people that see it and experience it everyday; the people of the streets. There are missing bricks throughout the wall to see what is on the other side and to give the viewer a realization that the wall is just a man made structure, capable of being destroyed. Location: 12:45.

together with her burn partner tony charrett (and their team), she's begun assembly in canada, and will construct the edifice on the playa at 12:45, less than 1500 feet from the man (close to the temple).  if you're into awesome stuff and cool people, stop by and say hello.

and if you're "still deciding" if you're going to burning man this year, i suggest you watch this (NSFW) video and reconsider:


Chris said...

I'm going to burning man and would LOVE to stop by and meet your sister! Are you going this year? By the way I'm apply to Bschool and would love to chat with you :D

-Chris Smith

Chris said...

...and by "I'm apply" I should have said "I'm applying" (things to work on before the GMAT... lol)