September 25, 2010

romantic buttress

i was running through stanford's campus, along the escondido mall near the, when i noticed the detailing on the columns surrounding the main quad.  it was subliminal messaging in the design style of graeme base.

you don't see them until you're looking.  and then you do.

September 13, 2010

waiting for superman

lovely little infographic video about the forthcoming must-see documentary, waiting for superman.  i first heard about the doc from john legend at the summit series conference in may, and i encourage anyone who's interested in education (and even some folks who aren't) to pledge to see the film.  i think it's going to be eye-opening, particularly if you haven't been following the latest buzz on education policy.

September 11, 2010

turn your iphone into a microscope

with a mini microscope from amazon and some super glue, crabfu shows you how to jerry rig your iphone to be a microscope.  this video is a must-watch for science nerds and tech geeks alike.

September 7, 2010

bay area wilderness

last week, i watched chris milk's interactive video project, the wilderness downtown, and it gave me chills.  it moved me so much that i watched it four more times, jogging alternating childhood memories of moving boxes and neighborhood bike rides.  if your demographic is me, it's hard to go wrong with an arcade fire soundtrack.

if you like evocative nostalgia, beautiful film editing, and great music, definitely check it out.  type in your address.  fall in love.  then share it with your family.

vintage me

goggle strap:  the proto facebook tag

once a cereal lover...

combining two of my favorite things:  twinning and petting zoos.

September 5, 2010

information is beautiful

i've been a fan of informationisbeautiful for a long time, so i was thrilled to see david mccandless's TEDGlobal talk.  he also says "interestingness," which is a quasi-word that i quite enjoy.