October 5, 2010

peace is the new frontier

the extremely talented bobby bailey (one third of the original invisible children team) just completed a short film to introduce failing whistles, an inspirational, youth-oriented campaign to bring peace to the congo.  falling whistles is the brainchild of another friend, sean carasso, whose passion for this movement is so strong, you can almost smell it in the seams of the knitted cardigan he wears every day.  i visited falling whistles' downtown LA headquarters for the first time in august, and the energy of the movement hits you as you walk through the door.  sean is probably coming to a city near you on his north american tour this fall.  if you want to see how generation Y is going to change the world, check these guys out and then get on board, because they're ushering in the new frontier.

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Andrew W said...

Incredibly well made video for an important cause. Thanks, as always, for spreading the work Anneke!