January 23, 2011

what i tell you three times is true

in summarizing the key messages from "the four hour work week," tim ferriss often talks about the importance  of identifying common problems brought to your desk and delegating their solutions. similarly, i've heard russell simmons say that the key to success is making yourself obsolete by delegating to "someone smarter than you." this same advice popped up again this week in a great post by my friend derek sivers. derek's post "delegate or die" is well-written, straightforward, and lays out some concrete steps for entrepreneurs and business owners. derek, tim, and russell are very different in person, with pretty divergent entrepreneurial experiences, but the fact that all of them are giving out this advice makes it worth paying attention to. derek's money quote:
To be a true business owner, make sure you could leave for a year, and when you came back, your business would be doing better than when you left.

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Alfredo Malatesta said...

Heard this before as well from Howard Schultz... specifically the quote about leaving your business for a year and coming back to it running as efficiently and effectively as when you first left.