September 16, 2011

never say this again

continuing with my tradition of outrage related to corporate jargon, i wrote an article for the daily muse highlighting the 6 business buzzwords you should banish from your vocabulary forever. it got republished by huffington post women, and you can find it on the front page today.

the egregious offenders:

  • rock star/ninja
  • reach out
  • around
  • impactful
  • open the kimono
  • out of pocket

full disclosure: i have, at some point in my life (likely circa 2005), used each of these abhorrent phrases -- with the exception of "open the kimono" which is just weird. i hang my head in shame and try to help the next generation avoid my mistakes.

best part of this article? the fact that i got huffpo to publish "OG" as an acceptable adjective. win!

[update]: this article was also republished by forbes.

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