September 9, 2011

the download

today, i am excited to announce the launch of my new biweekly tech column in the daily muse, an online magazine featuring smart content for professional women. a quick description of "the download":

With a dearth of female role models in technology and entrepreneurship, Gen Y faces a challenging question: what does it mean to be a woman in the digital age? In “The Download,” Anneke Jong explores the new ways that young women engage with technology to pursue their passions, curate their personal brands, and develop a new paradigm for the female identity. Read more every other Friday.

you can read my first column, you are not your resume, on the front page of the daily muse, and you can follow "the download" on twitter at @thedwnld.

1 comment:

Michelle said...

Success means making a difference for the people and the places and the ideas that you care about. Excited to see more of your experiences and to know more about you. Becoming one of the famous women in business will be challenging and we I am glad you're making an inspiration.