October 10, 2011

remembering steve jobs

steve jobs died on wednesday.

i already had an article ready to run on friday for my column in the daily muse, but as i lay in bed on wednesday night flipping through my instagram and twitter feeds, i noticed an interesting pattern and knew i had to publish a different article for friday. i stayed up late and wrote, "the man who became a logo: how we memorialize steve jobs." you can read it in the daily muse or on forbes.

on friday night, i stopped by the apple store in downtown palo alto. sometimes called "steve's store," because of its proximity to his home, the university avenue location was home to an impromptu memorial. colored sticky notes scrawled with personal messages of thanks and sadness covered the store window, and a vigil of flowers, candles, and gifts crowded the sidewalk.

i only had two classes after steve passed, but in both of them, my professors talked about steve at length and either quoted from or played the video of his 2005 commencement speech at stanford.

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