October 11, 2011

sitting is the new planking

i despise the typical vacation photo: background = blurry, poorly lit snapshot of a monument that real photographers have already captured on post cards, foreground = you looking like a sweaty dweeb in your tourist gear. as such, i'm in very few of my vacation and travel photos.

however, on my recent trip to europe, my friend maria and i developed some great memes that renewed my love for vacation photos. it all started at the louvre when i sat down on the ground to take a photo of maria. as it turns out, i have quite the knack for sitting quietly in awkward places. you can check out the whole album of "jong sits" photos, but here are some of the highlights (photo credits to brilliant photographer maria lambert):

sitting at the louvre
sitting at the arc de triomphe
sitting with the eiffel tower
sitting at pompidou
sitting at notre dame
sitting at musee d'orsay
sitting in the hofgarten in munich
sitting in a museum in vienna
sitting in the haus der musik
sitting at lake spitzingsee

maria's go-to position is something we fondly call "glambert presents." definitely check out the full album of maria "presenting" various monuments throughout western europe. it's hilarious.


Jennifer said...

Love it! Now I'm jealous, I want to go sit in fun and exciting places. I'll have to get a shot of me sitting in Princeton or NYC this next week.

Kristin Kv said...

Super cute, love the idea and love the pictures!

Dave B said...

Ha! Fun idea, and the background settings aren't bad either. I like that you're sitting with legs spread straight out, often out in the middle of a flat space, rather than with legs crossed or with knees bent on a step or other raised surface. It reminds me of how a baby or toddler would sit, which adds to the fun.

Lucia cuevas garde said...

I'd like to see you doing the same in Barcelona