December 22, 2011

what i do all day

a little over a year ago, i wrote a post ("is business school hard?") that captured what it's like to be a first-year student at the stanford graduate school of business. this year, in a project for the admissions office, i catalogued a "day in the life" of a second-year student. you can see the whole series here, along with snapshots from several of my classmates (including my frequent partner in crime, maria lambert).

this neo-diary is from a week in october 2011. it includes boring stuff like grocery shopping and laundry, iconic GSB stuff like the "talk" speaker series and touchy-feely class, and stuff that's more unusual like a fundraising meeting with a VC and late-night cookie baking.

a surprise to me: my busiest day was my "day off" (GSB students don't have class on wednesdays).

[click here to see full week]

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great post! i'm wondering if you used a blogging/scheduling app or program to document your activities (times, descriptions, and pics). i'm looking for a program that would provide that type of functionality. thanks!