January 27, 2012

Free e-book on cyberbullying

This summer, I read an early copy of lol...OMG!, which is now Amazon's top selling cyberbullying book. I highly recommend it for anyone interested in online reputation management. The author is my friend Matt Ivester, someone whose experience makes him uniquely qualified to write a book highlighting the importance of digital citizenship for young people.

In honor of Data Privacy Day, the e-book is available for free (regularly $9.99) all weekend, January 27 to 30. You can download it at www.lolOMGfree.com.

About the book
lol…OMG! provides a cautionary look at the many ways that today’s students are experiencing the unanticipated negative consequences of their digital decisions – from lost job opportunities and denied college and graduate school admissions to full-blown national scandals. It also examines how technology is allowing students to bully one another in new and disturbing ways, and why students are often crueler online than in-person. By using real-life case studies and offering actionable strategies and best practices, this book empowers students to clean up and maintain a positive online presence, and to become responsible digital citizens.

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Jennifer said...

I'll totally take advantage of this, thanks for the heads up