February 21, 2012

type vs. hype: the internet landscape (21 feb 2012)

two months ago, i first published my take on the internet landscape. but the internet landscape is constantly evolving, and so are my opinions about it.

one notable change of opinion came after i had lunch with wordpress founder matt mullenweg at summit basecamp a few weeks ago. he totally convinced me that his company deserved a different spot on the map. my opinions on a few other companies shifted, and it seemed like it was time for a refresh.

below you'll find my take as of february 21, 2012. as always, this is a continuously evolving project. feel free to leave your feedback in the comments.

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Godot Basha said...

curious about the positioning of twitter on your axes. Twitter was the invisible catalyst in all our demonstrations and revolutions here in the middle east, proving most useful. I suppose there is a comparative point to be made about where those tools are being used.