August 5, 2012

diy jewelry board

i just moved to a new apartment in NYC, and decided to take the opportunity to try my hand at DIY housewares. after years of stashing my jewelry in plastic sandwich bags in a drawer, i figured it was time to come up with a better way to store and display my accessories.

i hit up the upper west side (columbus square is a mecca for home decor and crafting stores) to find a cork board and some other DIY materials:

1 cork bulletin board (add a frame if you can't find one already framed)
1 box of push pins
1 sheet of stick-on beads

i installed the cork bulletin board in my new york closet and adorned each push pin with a stick-on bead, just to make them a little less "cubicle" and a little more "jewelry box."

my roommate sara calls this bulletin board "the jewelletin board."


Hyacinth Marius said...

So cute! Love this! What a great way to display your jewelry without it looking cluttered.

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Cath Brookes said...

Wow, this is great! I have a lot of jewelry just lying about everywhere. It’s so hard just to keep track of them and when I want to look for a specific one, I can never find it! It’s so frustrating! Thanks for posting this though, now I have something to do that will be very helpful to me in the future!

Cath Brookes
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