November 1, 2005

a few thoughts on the california special election...

arnold has positioned himself as california's great reformer. he's here to save us from, among other things, our villainous budget deficit. ostensibly, he does all this because he cares about california and its people, above all else.

i'm not so sure that's true. it seems to me that if arnold was really that concerned about the state's budget deficit, he wouldn't have demanded an expensive special election. he could have just waited a year until midterms. instead, i think he's more concerned about his own image than california's budget deficits, which merely provide a context for his action-hero protagonist role.

since his ratings were down in the polls (and he needed a big, muscular reminder to californians that he is a reformer), arnold demanded a special election--the true purpose of which may not be solely california's best interest, but his own, as well.

this would explain why he's poured millions of his own dollars into the initiative campaign. maybe he's trying to save his own butt, not california's.

for example, i understand the need for redistricting in california, but we're going to do it anyway at the end of the decade. is it really worth tens of millions of dollars to redistrict (with dated census numbers, no less) one or two years early?

maybe if your place in the history books depended on it...

prop 73--requiring minors to notify their parents before an abortion--is probably unconstitutional (pp v. casey), but i'm pretty sure it's just on there to motivate the conservative base to come out to the polls. they are, after all, more likely to support the governator's initiatives.

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