November 3, 2009

TED India: bangalore to mysore

finally landed in bangalore this morning, sped through immigration (thanks to the dedicated TEDIndia lines) and met up with conference organizers:

the drive to our venue in mysore was 4 hours, but it flew by thanks to my very interesting seat buddies (consumer products acquisition sourcer, professor and asian-american cultural guru, founder of question box, and the guy behind the scientific marshmallow studies, just to name a few). we drove through bangalore and some more rural areas:

although it was an overcast day, the colors of the indian landscape are beautiful. the vegetation is strikingly green, and everything from house paint to sarees embraces bold colors:

security was high, as we were accompanied by police escorts (blaring their sirens) all the way from the bangalore airport to the infosys campus in mysore. fully armed guards aren't conspicuous on campus, but they are definitely present.

upon check in, i also got my third body temperature scan of the day. security against H1N1 is serious business around here. you'll be glad to know i was 34 degrees (swine flu free since 1984!).

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Edsa said...

I thought Bangalore would be a bit more modern but going by your photos. we see the same run down conditions - squalor, lack of order, ramshackle structures.
Will modernity ever take hold in India?