November 2, 2009

layover in dubai

i landed at the dubai airport around 8pm and was able to stash my bags with the luggage office. i hit up an ATM for some dirhams, and headed out to the taxi line.

coincidentally, my cab driver is from kerala, india (where i'm going for my post-TED tour next week). he brought me to the dubai mall, telling me it's the biggest mall in the world.

the biggest mall in the world is next door to what is going to be the biggest building in the world. there is also a large lagoon in back that features the biggest fountain show in the world (i arrived just in time to watch the whole thing -- choreographed to some local music).

next, i took a cab to "the creek," which is the main waterway in dubai and the original source of its rise to commercial power.

now i'm back at the dubai airport getting ready to hop on my ~4 hour flight to bangalore. the gourmet food options at this airport are just plain ridiculous (caviar and champagne!?), but i'm enjoying my recliner chair right next to a multi-outlet charging station. perfect!

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