November 2, 2009

plane pen pal

i spent some time on the plane jotting down what i wanted to talk about during my speech on thursday.  apparently, one of my fellow passengers saw me furiously scribbling, and he passed me these notes (click for full size):

he runs a blog called sfdailyphoto, and i was intrigued by this admittedly unusual request.  he seemed like a nice enough guy, so i agreed.

UPDATE:  the final post on sfdailyphoto is here.


Jawton said...

He was hitting on you. Duh. But he did a pretty good job with it.

kate. said...

The beginning of his story sounds like it should be in the J. Peterman Catalog.

frank said...

Hi Anneke,

Here is the revised and final draft of your story. Thanks again for being a good sport about it. Hope your speech goes well.


Achal said...

Hi Anneke,

How have u been doing? i hope u remember me as ur fellow passenger in the flight from Dubai to Bangalore to attend the TED conference... How was the experience...? i have been looking for the video in which u are addressing the gathering.. can u please send me the link so that i can have a look at it , as i have not been able to find...
u can send it to

cheers and keep in touch.. :)