December 18, 2009

favorite NPR names

great day for NPR names! heard my girls doualy xaykaothao, lakshmi singh, and soraya sarhaddi nelson on morning edition today. i wish ofeibea could have checked in to round out my top 4.
my top 12 NPR names:
12. adolfo guzman-lopez
11. mandalit del barco
10. john ydstie
9. lourdes garcia-navarro
8. hettie lynne hurtes
7. sylvia poggioli
6. kai ryssdal
5. renita jablonski
4. soraya sarhaddi nelson
3. ofeibea quist-arcton
2. lakshmi singh
1. doualy xaykaothao

1 comment:

Andy Jones said...

A trivia question that you would get right: "Which of the following people, if any, are on-air talents for national broadcasts on National Public Radio? Pete Cashmore, Renita Jablonski, Anneke Jong, Lakshmi Singh."

Consider yourself immortalized as part of a question on the Bistro 33 Pub Quiz.

Your Quizmaster

P.S. How do I pronounce your first name?