March 24, 2010

a spoken word experiment

my spoken word poem about social media, performed live in los angeles on march 23, 2010.  a four-minute shout out to the wild world of facebook, twitter, myspace, and all their social media playmates:

maybe you can't tell in the video, but i was shocked by the lack of audience reaction to my indonesian facebook friend request reference. is this not happening to anyone else?  i get (no joke) at least half a dozen facebook friend requests from random indonesians every day.  i thought they had some kind of widespread facebook spam problem over there, but maybe i share a name with some indonesian soap star or something.  if anyone can help me solve this mystery, i'd be very grateful.  i guess i'll just have to rewrite the beginning of this poem, since clearly this isn't the widespread problem i thought it was...

also, i'm painfully aware of my egregious grammatical faux pas.  as it was leaving my mouth, a little piece of my soul died. but, alas, there are no retakes in live performance.

UPDATE:  joy and kristen get indonesian friend requests, too.  see, it's not just me!

also, to those who've asked, the "fail whale" is twitter's error message image:


Tucker Bradford said...

Awesome! I have to admit, I was skeptical but you owned that stage.

authentacity said...

that was really enjoyable...great alliteration. but wth is a fail wail?

rassel Phoe said...

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