March 23, 2010

panda mum and an indie rock coloring book

for my "double bat mitzvah" birthday last week, i received several thoughtful gifts, but two stood out as particularly "me" -- worthy of sharing.

as they are intimately familiar with my homecoming mum fascination, two of my co-workers (sam and danielle) made me one from scratch! natives of states other than texas, they had to watch instructional youtube videos to pull off this epic feat of craftiness. i'm told the absurdity of the videos alone made the endeavor worthwhile.

two of my other friends (luke and annie) got me a lovely indie rock coloring book. rock star luke just returned from sxsw where he played bass for dreamier-than-juanes gustavo galindo. as a fellow music lover, he knew i would delight in the pages of clever homages to artists i love like bon iver, stars, the shins, the new pornographers, broken social scene, and MGMT.


Patricija said...

and yet not one comment of my find the bear book. you know that will give you minutes of enjoyment.

anneke jong said...

haha! bear book was great. that, combined with the "it's a boy!" balloon, really had some folks thinking i was pregnant at my birthday dinner. awesome.