March 24, 2010

party for a better future

i am very proud to announce that philanthro productions, the non-profit i've been involved with for three years, has released its 2009 annual report.  i'm biased, but i really think it's one of the best non-profit annual reports i've ever read.  check it out for more information about our all-volunteer team that raised over $100,000 for charity in 2009 by throwing unique social events.

the best part about this report is that it highlights the tremendous work done by our all-volunteer team of young professionals across three cities: los angeles, san francisco, and san diego.  philanthro would be nothing without its dedicated and passionate staff members who give up their free time to make sure the members of generation Y have fun, affordable, and efficient ways to party for a better future. 

2009 annual report (PDF)

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