November 1, 2010

storytelling with a beat

last week, i was invited to perform in a live storytelling show in san francisco, and i shared (a version of) this story. the show is an NPR production called snap judgment. my #1 celebrity crush, ira glass, called it "insanely great."  the brilliant host, glynn washington, brings a young flavor to the scene with his diverse take on storytelling with a beat.  i'm biased, but i thought the show was superb to the power of awesome.  can't wait to share more details when it airs.

our rowdy live audience at the brava theater in the mission:

glynn prepping backstage:

in the dressing room after getting my hair and makeup did:

huge shout out to the lovely crew and to my fellow storytellers: spoken word diva joyce lee, british starlet katharine mcewan, renaissance woman kate ascott-evans, lawyer-turned-actor erol dolen, animationist scott kravitz, caribbean goddess tabitha christopher, and summit series buddy thayer walker.  this gang is legit.

the lovely katharine:

erol catches a quick cat nap between sets:

joyce's makeup is fierce:

thayer tears it up on stage:

tabi getting ready for her close up:

dressing room love with kate:


kevandcan said...

Wow - congrats on the invite.

Kat said...

You are a force Anneke! Thank you so much for sharing this.
Now I have a legit and respectable name for the nightly shenagigans I've indulged in all these years- I have been a social entrepeneur!
Stunning pictures, brilliant memories...
Looking forward to the next time.

ModernSophist said...

Your Nov 1st was more interesting than mine, but my Oct 24th rocked yours, no doubt.