November 16, 2010

too soon to hate on path

i loved this blog post by dan stuart about why it's short-sighted to hate on path, the new social networking platform from dave morin, et al. i joined today, and i have to admit, i'm feeling a bit like i did when i first joined twitter -- sort of unsure how this new platform is going to add value to my life. but, i'm optimistic, so i was stoked to see dan's post.

although you can't go wrong with a two door cinema club track, i'm not sure path's demo video really describes the product's best attributes. frankly, it makes it seem like a product for people who want to obsess about their own lives, which is not how i see it being used. i wish they'd done more to incorporate a few of the guy's "50 closest friends" into his interaction with the app so it's clear that the value comes from the intimate sharing, not necessarily the obsessive documentation of one's life. that said, the story line tugs at the heart strings. i mean, it's not like the proposal involves a private jet on a tropical island, but it's cute...

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