August 24, 2011

my predictions for the future

on monday, i was invited to be a guest on the live-streamed TWiT web show "fourcast." here's the summary:

You'll get short term, long term, and crazy predictions from some of the smartest people on the planet. From robot overlords, to growing your own meat in a dish, you never know what predictions our guest will make and where the conversation may end up. Join us for a peak at the future.

it's definitely a bit nerve-wracking to be live on the internet for an hour, but i had an absolute blast doing the show with tom merritt, scott johnson, and brian hough.

for the record, i do know a thing or two about nanorobotics, but my attempt at irreverence was spoiled by my inability to remember that cookie robots were featured in despicable me. shame on me. that was a great movie.

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Jennifer said...

Loved this! What a fun show.
As soon as they mentioned patents I thought about the this american life show on it- while I listening to it, mashable came out with a story on spotify being sued for patent infringement ( this american life actually retweeted me about it (my claim to fame;)). Did you know Chris actually has a few technology patents from his days at IBM?
I would love to chat targeted advertising stuff some time- as a matter of fact, my company has been trying to start discussions about online privacy/tracking/targeting and it would be great to get a non-web-analysts opinion.