September 23, 2011

why i (used to) hate pink collar start-ups

my latest column for the daily muse -- also picked up by forbes -- was inspired by a tweet.

on august 2, i watched this trailer:

struck by the limited female presence in the video, i tweeted this:

the response to that tweet led me down a path of reflection to explore why it is that women start pink collar businesses, and why that trend seemed to bother me. i sent the first draft of the article to my editors on september 11.

especially since the brouhaha over jolie o'dell's september 13 tweet, there seems to be a conflict between the women-in-tech crowd and the pink collar crowd. is that a fair fight? check out my column to get my take.

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Jennifer said...

It's interesting to me, too. I feel like I've done quite well for myself in a mostly-male tech industry, especially for my age- I'm a senior consultant, the only female in a start-up company of 24 employees. My previous corporate job, I was one of 3 women in a technical consultant group of 50 or more. I don't feel like being a woman has been a hindrance, but I do get a bit lonely at conferences when I'm the only girl in the room. And I'll admit, I have very little drive to be an entrepeneur myself- I'm not enough of a risk-taker, but I do enjoy watching my current little company go from nothing to an industry force.