December 17, 2011

type vs. hype: the internet landscape

i started working on this project over a year ago, and finally made the time to finish it today. i've always loved infographics and 2-by-2s, and i wanted to make one that captured my transient thoughts on the internet landscape. this particular design was inspired, in part, by a brilliant 2-by-2 of hipster celebrities by bill wasik.

i created the image below, and it reflects my own opinions as of this afternoon. don't agree with me? that's cool. it's a subjective and imperfect analysis, one that i'll probably edit and adjust frequently as my opinions about the landscape change.

each entity is assessed on two metrics i'm calling type (what kind of business or product is it) and hype (how much of a media darling is it).

i'd love to turn this concept into an open-source project that uses the wisdom of crowds to track changes in the internet landscape. might even be fun to incorporate a hans rosling-style time lapse to watch companies pivot and change their type and wax and wane through different levels of hype. could be pretty cool. holler if you know someone who might want to work with me on it.

1 comment:

boc said...

Love this! I'd add Couch Surfing somewhere in the upper right-hand quadrant and delicious somewhere between taskrabbit and Blogger. Really interesting analysis Anneke!